Different from existent – that is the meaning of Demarsch name. Better, more effective, more fruitful– it is what we are striving for. We are this determined already since 2006.

Many of our clients and friends appreciate us as such, and we ourselves believe that there is still a space for growth. Regardless of the fact that company’s main service is giving new knowledge and skills to clients, we do not tend to play the teacher’s role. Our belief is that own learning process and development go hand in hand with clients’learning and development, and this is the only way to ensure outstanding results. 

Portraying our mission and values:

Mission of Demarsch as a company and everyone who is involved with it, is to generate lasting values which in their core are new and original, often different than the common ones; values that are practically applicable and give input to create the environment around us better and friendlier.

To reach that stage, we rely on relationships where true honesty, friendliness and mutual trust dominate.When doing our work we guide ourselves by high inner quality standards that are described by a concept – either you do it truly great or do not do it at all. This quality is ensured by our co-ordinated actions, dynamics, drive for development and unique personalities. Throughout all of it there twines a positive attitude towards life and surrounded people, and it creates a pleasant and exciting environment.

As one of our goals is

To create new, popular and up do date image of a consulting company, and consultant as a personality. It is planned to be achieved by developing our personnel by giving the needed knowledge and skills. And at the very beginning when selecting our staff we choose strong personalities.

To be able to keep the competitiveness and demand in the market, for our company it is necessary to constantly develop itself on all levels, both in specially preparing trainers to lead the training, as well as in searching for innovative solutions, new training methods and approaches, as well as in investing and training our own staff.