EU SF projects preparation and control


Results to be achieved:

  • Prepared and designed application form according to EU SF regulatory legal provisions and other demands for the application in accordance with customer’s project idea.
  • Project control and its realisation in time. Final report preparation that meets the EU SF regulatory legal provisions, and other demands.

Optional work content:

  • Project idea confirmation and adaption to EU SF set guidelines.
  • Researching company’s eligibility criteria.
  • Collecting necessary information and documents for project application form.
  • Project preparation according to EU SF regulatory legal provisions and Cabinet of Minister’s regulations.
  • When project is accepted we inform client about procedures during project implementation period.
  • Project realisation co-ordination with all parties involved.
  • When project is finished, final report which is developed according to EU SF regulatory legal provisions.

Execution duration:

  • Project application preparation – up to 6 weeks.
  • Final report preparation – up to 10 days.