Team events

  • Team building collage

    In this course you can enjoy diversity.Usually there are included different elements of games, as well as creative tasks, also of corse, most interesting - rope elemnts. If there is a difficulty in your team to agree on some specific team course topic and form, then this will definitely be the most suitable as each person will receive what they most desire for

  • Higher than earth –a rope course

    Higher than earth – classics of the genre, literally means a package of different «rope tasks». This is an active team building and personal development course. Rope course or rope training’s main aim is to develop the team co-operation, team building as such, and discovery of each person’s potential. The rope course creates vivid impressions and emotional uplift for each participant. Unity with team when sharing joy over obstacle overcoming and the taste of victory will be with you for a long time. Important part of this traing is the reflection-feedback receiving from participants and analysis of their actions, both in analysis of actions chosen, and in the end of training, and also when executing the tasks.

  • Team Hollywood

    Shot a movie together where everyone has a certain role – actor, director, script writer, costume designer, sound director.  Together deciding on the movie genre, whatever each team feels closer to – comedy, drama, horror movie, you have a free choice. And then the movie starts to develop, and when it is ready, it stays as your property and you can watch it again time after time or even you can show it to your co-operation partners, clients, suppliers. Therefore you can once again turn back to the shooting atmosphere and show the viewers what you are capable of. And of course the awards – Oscar for the best female role, the best male role.

  • City team

    Not always if you want to unite the team you have to go far away, to some guest house, and spend there several days doing some strange things. Now it is also possible right here in the urbanized world, in your city, no matter if it would be Rīga, Liepāja or Valmiera, or any other city that is close to you. The City Team can happen for one day or several evenings. All depends from your wishes and desires. While getting to know better your team members and paralelly executing some tasks you will also have the possibility to find out new things about your city and even visit some places where you have never been before.

  • Corporate hiking

    Hikes can be different – more close, more fare, easier, harder. But still in each hike there is a set goal where to go, and path during which you can see and visit many interesting places. As this is a corporate hiking on the way you will also learn some new skills that help to form a stable, strong and unified team. So therefore very often while the destination is reached, there are already different people – more unified, more knowledgable and more skillful.

  • Collective theatre

    This is a programme that will open the creative potential in each employee and the team together, as well as in easy, not pressured form outlines some internal communication problems. Participants in 1 to 2 day time will become actors, costume designers, script writers, directors, and will be grouped in troupes to stage the play.  Plays about specific topics (specific activity, company values, identity) or self chosen topics, that afterwards will be offered to the fair jury of colleagues.

  • Adventurers

    Programme includes sporty orientation in a certain country territory with different team building and tourism elements, searching for the ambushes or signs that help reaching the goal. Many actions are tended to apply logic and erudition. This course could be characterized as esier, more fun and more dynamic as the course “Survival school”. In this course there is a lot of room for unexpected and fun exercises. For instance, you could receive a task to to find a lost hunter in the woods and try to persuade him to make a photo with you. Get ready, the adventures will find you!

  • Corporative joint-work

    While building and unifying the team there is a possibility to divert the strength and energy to some good deed - by helping those who need it the most. And help not by giving money but with a good will, bright thoughts and helpful hands. Tidy up some territory, fix or create new things or simply be together with someone who expects an attention.

  • Team anthem

    Create your own musical composition or song, by developing yourselves the arrangement or new words. And in the end – it could become the anthem of your company. That is a powerful motivator. In order to do it right you will have a chance to learn the basics of music playing or singing and that could be even a reason for creating a band, chorus, punk-rock band (or other) of your company. 

  • Survival school

    Do you know how to create a safe shelter and protect yourselves against wild animals? Do you know how to build lodging for the night or create a rich nutrient soup with earthworms? How to filtrate the water from a swamp? How to differentiate venomous snakes from harmless snakes? When was the last time you made a fire by using the frictional force? Do you know how to orientate by the sun or stars? Survival school gives answers to these and many more other questions. In 1-2 days you will gain many useful skills that will help to broaden your horizon and create a truly unified team.

  • Culturally educated team

    Many of us still keep in bright memory the school lectures of history and geography. And there are many more who would like to discover even more interesting facts and stories about culture peculiarities and characteristics. You have a possibility to do so in the Culturally educated team. In an attractive and interesting way each person will have the chance to live one’s role and for several days live according to certain culture traditions and habits. By participating in different rituals you will have a possibility to feel and enjoy how the life goes on for other nations and cultures.

  • Team building for the sales team

    The sales team is one of the most important teams in the company as it brings the profit. The stronger and more unified the team the more it will be able to give to the company. Sales work is very specific and very often not clear for the other departments of the company and therefore in this course we especially welcome people involved in sales. Paralel to team building activieties you will acquire also certain sales skills that will help you to become a sales tiger team that goes straight to the goal. 

  • Company sports games

    In many companies sport games is already a tradition. They are happening regularly, there are different sports teams in the company that wait for the next big sport games. As well there are companies that only now are ready to organise their first sports games. But in both cases we will organise more or less traditional sport games that can happen under one topic – whether it would be nostalgic memories of daily life in collective farm, futuristic visions about future life or some any other ordinary topics.

  • Team events for clients

    It is possible to organise many interesting and exciting events for yourself, but equally important it is to enjoy them together with your clients. Everyone can imagine what colourful memories will stay in the clients’ minds when they attend in usual client ball or on controrary going for an unforgettable hike or spending several days with fun and challenging activities outside the everyday environment. When organising client days or presentation of your newest products it is worth considering how this time could stay in clients’ minds as useful and entertaining. And they will associate these good emotions with you therefore developing even more fruitful and more stable co-operation with your company.

  • Mūzikas performances radīšana

    Kā komandu noskaņot uz vienas nots? Šajā pasākumā muzikālās noskaņās būs iespēja iejusties katram komandas dalībniekam. Eksotisko valstu mūzikas instrumentu iepazīšana, iespēja katram komandas dalībniekam izmēģināt dažādus pasaules mūzikas instrumentus. Sadaloties grupās, tiks veidota vienota kompozīcija mūziķa uzraudzībā – muzikālā performance – koncerts.