Training for each employee

  • Effective mutual communication

    Another Murphy's Law - people can not live well because they are afraid of each other. Fear arises because people do not know each other. They do not know each other because there is no proper communication. Company employees who have a need to develop and improve their communication skills and knowledge of our seminars organized will be able to learn to communicate between the theoretical side, as well as newly acquired skills to test in practice.

  • Delivering and receiving information in a precise manner

    Two ears and only one tongue human being so that we could listen more and talk less. Our program offered will be the perfect assistant for those employees wishing to develop the skills that are necessary in situations where the receive and deliver accurate information.

  • Conflict management skills

    People are already resigned that ninety per cent live skills consists of the ability to meet with people completely unbearable, but more important to remember that the world is driven by dissatisfaction forward. Company employees whose nature of the work is related to different conflicts and negations solving, as well as any employee who wants himself to develop the skills to deal with a variety of negative situations in a positive way, learn new techniques and skills of conflict resolution in the art and charging of positive emotions will be our new seminars and workout program.

  • Effective presentation skills

    Success in business belongs to the one who keeps the peace and is able to get out without laceration of difficult situations, but also do not be afraid of mistakes - after all, it managed to Columbus to discover America. We help those employees who addressed the audience on a daily basis with different types of speeches and presentations, develop effective presentation skills and the ability to skillfully cope with mistakes.

  • Mind maps – information management system

    One look is worth a thousand words. In this seminar you will be offered the opportunity to acquire an efficient tool to work with the flow of information at a time of more than 3-7 units.

  • Personības attīstības treniņš "Atklāj savu talantu"

    Talants – tā ir Dabas dāvana, kas ir jāreizina ar jūsu darbu. Talants var būt atklāts tikai tad, kad mēs jau pie tā strādājam. Un nekad nav par vēlu, lai atklātu un attīstītu savu talantu. Tūlīt pat jūs varat spert pirmos soļus, lai atklātu, kādi talanti slēpjas zem jūsu bailēm un paškritikas. Kursa laikā būs iespējams realizēt izrāvienu kādā jūsu izvēlētā dzīves jomā, kā arī spēt pastāvīgi lietot personiskās izaugsmes instrumentus un tehnikas un izprast personiskās efektivitātes metodoloģiju.

  • Time and work planning

    No wonder they say - new year, new life. But do not necessarily have to wait for a new year to make your life more efficient, more harmonious and more targeted. It can happen at any time, as soon as we decide it, either, even now. The training will help to hasten the moment.

  • Productive use of time

    Everyday hectic rhythm often have the feeling that it is impossible to manage all as a result of sacrificing private time for all this, or leave the unfinished work which creates an unpleasant stress. Time management or time management is a process in which we plan and we train consciously control how much time we devote to various activities in order to increase personal efficiency or productivity and to bring themselves to their set targets.

  • Stress management

    Seminārs – treniņš tiem uzņēmuma darbiniekiem, kuru darba specifika ir saistīta ar dažādu konfliktu un negāciju risināšanu, kā arī visiem tiem darbiniekiem, kas vēlas sevī attīstīt prasmes apzināt un attīstīt savus individuālos stresa pārvarēšanas resursus un gūt lielāku gandarījumu dažādu sarežģītu situāciju risinājumos.

  • Computer learning

    Datorzināšanas nav ekstra – tā ir darba ikdienas nepieciešamība un dzīves bagātināšana! Piedāvājam datoru apmācības Microsoft Office programmās, kas paredzēts uzņēmuma darbiniekiem, kuriem ir nepieciešamas papildināt zināšanas darbā ar datoru. Datoru kursu programmu saturs tiek pielāgots iesācēju vai lietpratēju līmenim, vadoties pēc darbinieku sagatavotības līmeņa un priekšzināšanām. Kurss pieejams Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 un 2010 versijā.