Training management composition

  • Ability to retrieve a debt

    It is not possible that by helping others to climb the mountain for you yourself not get closer to the top. Our offered theoretical courses and practical training programs will provide a helping hand in the company's various levels of managers who want to acquire new management skills and methods or improve existing ones, to raise the companies or a department’s efficiency.

  • Employee motivation skills

    Leaders can be recognized by whether he is able to leave the determination and the desire to continue his performance. Interesting theory and practical classes will be inspiration for new ideas and ambitions they will be able to draw on the company's business or department managers, which is directly responsible for staff and dealing with these workers daily motivation.

  • Effective delegating skills

    Masters can be explored in his work, boss - by subordinates. We invite company or the company's Heads of Department, who are aware of the need for the delegation skills. We offer the training cycle in theory and practice to learn new techniques and skills, as well as improve existing ones.

  • Leading meetings

    Time is the fabric from which the life is made, so it is important to not make something that is long gone out of fashion. New and effective methods with us will be able to acquire the company's employees, whose responsibility is to organize and manage meetings, joint consultation, project group meetings, etc.

  • Sales team’s management

    Successful sales team does not creates by itself - it is a carefully thought-out and controlled result. Yes - each manager has its own personal biography, life experience, knowledge and skills, visions and goals, as well as the needs and wishes, but if you are a real vendor, and you want to sell brilliantly and manage your team easy for sake of having it, but you want to create a sense of community, you want to get up in the morning with a smile and objectives of the present, to carry out your duties in an effective, high quality and long-term run, also giving an added value as a super positive emotions for your employees coming to work, then come to Demarsch workout where you'll make really valuable insights from other industry experience, develop skills and techniques that will help you not only to lead a team, but also to work together in a team performance and overflow in your management of existing budgets!

  • Metaprogrammas – cilvēku domāšanas paradumi

    Ikviens no mums ir piedzīvojis situāciju, kad sarunu biedrs nav uztvēris sacītā būtību, ir pārpratis vai teikto iztulkojis citādi. Tas ir tikai normāli, jo katram cilvēkam ir sava dzīves pieredze, vērtību sistēma, pasaules skatījums. Prast izteikties tā, lai sacīto spētu pareizi uztvert ikviens, ir liela māksla. Lai to varētu izdarīt, lieti noder zināšanas par to, kā cilvēks uztver informāciju, kā apstrādā to, kā pieņem lēmumus.

  • Darbinieku novērtēšanas un attīstības pārrunas

    Attīstības pārrunas vadītājam un darbiniekam ļauj saprast, ko viņi viens no otra gaida, un vienoties par profesionālās attīstības plānu. Tās ir vienlīdz noderīgas gan vadītājiem, gan padotajiem, jo ļauj darbiniekam izteikt savas vēlmes un justies novērtētam, savukārt uzņēmumam - izvairīties no labu darbinieku zaudēšanas un mērķtiecīgi novirzīt līdzekļus to motivēšanai. Treniņš, kurš uzlabos vadītāju prasmes veiksmīgi komunicēt ar darbiniekiem, lai sasniegtu pēc iespējas rezultatīvāku darbinieku novērtēšanu un attīstības pārrunu vešanu.