Training sales staff

  • Sales ABC

    Who said that selling should be complicated? We invite company workers, who have recently started to work with sales and who are in need for sales process structuration, interesting theoretical and practical training in order to learn modern and effective work methods as well as try out them in practise.

  • Sales ReSTART

    Profesionālis atdod to, ko viņš nevar paturēt, lai iegūtu to, ko nav iespējams pazaudēt. Uzņēmuma pārdošanas darbinieki, kas strādā ar klientiem, apgūs efektīvākos stratēģiju izstrādes veidus, lai nodrošinātu stabilu un ilgstošu sadarbību ar uzņēmumam svarīgiem partneriem.

    "Panākumi = X + Y + Z,

    kur X – darbs, Y – patika, Z – spēja laikā aizvērties"

    (Alberts Einšteins)

  • Sales skills in retail business

    What was good for our ancestors is not good enough for us! We will train store and salon personal who are directly involved in the sales process. Modern, open-minded and effective communication methods in order to achieve maximum business productivity are key to this training.

  • Sales techniques and skills

    Hard training, easy battle! We provide wide spectre training course and practical training for staff, who are involved and have practical experience in sales process. Also for those who wants to develop their professionalism, gain new knowledge and skills.

  • Active selling via phone

    Zeal is the right hand of fate, persistence - seller. We will help the company's employees, who are daily engaged in the sale by phone and receive incoming calls, as well as their calling customers to understand and get to know more of the specifics of such as marketing theory, as well as to learn a variety of techniques in practice.

  • Client servicing culture

    If a jewel falls into the mire, it remains the jewel. If dust rises towards the sky, they remain dust. We offer in-depth theoretical and practical classes of customer service culture in the acquisition of the company's employees whose work is directly related to customer service and indirect sales.

  • Sales to trade chains

    We offer comprehensive training courses and practical training in the company's sales staff, working with retail chains and / or "A" category clients as well as keyacount and brand managers.

  • Work with VIP clients

    Professional shall return what he can not keep to gain what it is impossible to lose. The company's sales staff who work with special clients of the company "A" category customers with us will learn the most effective strategy for the development of ways to ensure a stable and lasting relationship with the company key partners.

  • Work with clients’ objections and claims

    Only people's views grants phenomena of nature, as well as salt gives flavour to food. A variety of professional tricks and techniques work in theory and in practice we will be able to acquire the company's employees, who himself wants to develop the skills to deal with different types of complaints, as well as those employees who are involved in dealing with claims consultation, examination and resolution.

  • Effective work on exhibitions

    Nothing is difficult, if not complicated. Our offered training program will professionally prepare through the popular theory and practical skills training the company's employees, who represent the company in exhibitions.

  • Effective methods for setting up meeting with new and current clients

    "Cold call" is sales people’s tool with which to improve their effectiveness. There are still working techniques. Call and arrangements for meeting without refusal - it is possible.

  • Merchandising

    Merčendaizings ir viens no tirdzniecības uzņēmuma vissvarīgākajiem darbības virzieniem. Pārdošanas tieši var ietekmēt šādi kritēriji – vai tirdzniecības vietu plaukti ir vienmēr piepildīti ar preci un prece ir pareizi izvietota, ievērojot konkrētus izvietošanas principus. Šīs mācības ir paredzētas treniņa formā, proti, dalībnieki strādā uz savu produktu bāzi, tādējādi maksimāli precīzi izprotot merčendaizinga principus un nianses.